The Caposello Family - The Caposello family has been a part of Bayonne since before the 1900s.  In 1905, Caposello's Bakery was born and helped support Bayonne families through the depression and other tough times for over 70 years.  Members of our family were involved with everything from school busing, construction, religon, and many other ways to help our community grow.  Our family is comprised of almost all blue collar workers, such as boiler makers, union workers and small businesses, such as resturants, bars, small package delivery services, and the pool store.   We have had many friends and employees from our town and have been a part of local lives for as long as we have been Americans.

The Pool Store Story - In the mid seventies, we started a small business to provide swimming pools for those who could not get out of town or afford to take vacations and it proved to be more important then we could imagine at the time.  Over the years we learned all about swimming pools and the needs of the people who owned them.  Instead of expanding into the type of store that sells all kinds of equipment regardless of how well it works, we remained a family business that was more concerned with the people than the profit.

Products - Over the years we have studied the pool business and the products that are involved.  We will not sell anything that we do not feel is of the highest quality.  There are many filters, chemicals and parts that are cheaper and made by cutting corners or using lower percentages of the correct chemicals, but if they don't work, we don't sell them.  We have done the testing for you.  We intend to keep seeing the same customers come through our store year after year.  It is not worth selling things just to sell them.  Everything has a purpose.

Pools and Pricing - We use local manufacturers and we buy straight from the factory to eliminate the middle man.  When a company is located in our area we can get the necessary parts faster, saving our customers additional wait time.  EXAMPLE:  We sold Lomart Pools for years, but when they relocated to Arizona it became very difficult to get their replacement parts in a timely manner, and although we don't stock Lomart Pools any longer, we still get their parts shipped to us every year in order to maintain the pools we sold over 20 years ago.

Services and Permits - We provide many services and many which need to be approved by the City of Bayonne.  When a permit is required, we do everything we can to help you obtain it, including going to City Hall and acquiring the necessay permit needed to build your pool.  We are there to hold your hand. 

Visiting the Pool Store - Many stores won't take the time to answer your questions over the phone, but we go above and beyond that.  When you call us there are no recorded voice prompts, we will answer any questions you have to the best of our ability.   When you come our store we will spend as much time as needed to understand and help you with a problem.  Come and talk to us.  We are there for you.

Coming to Your Home - There are times when coming to your home is the only solution.  Many times we will come to your home, whether it's to measure your yard and determine what size pool will fit, or to assess a previous condition.  Each situation is different, so please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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